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Creek Hill Nursery

17 West Main Street
Leola, PA 17540

Shipping & Terms

Shipping Racks: We ship on wood racks by a common carrier for orders of 40 or more trays. The plants are well-protected during shipment, customers avoid the boxing charges, and there is no cardboard waste afterwards. The full rack can hold 64 trays, and the half-rack holds 40 trays.

Shipping: We ship on our trucks with a per-flat fee charged. Minimum trucking order is 50 flats. Orders are subject to truck schedule. We ship UPS to all 50 states and Canada. For boxed orders, a per-box fee is apply. All Canadian orders require shipping on a phyto week and will incur a phyto fee. We also allow pick-up at our location.

General Terms: For those customers who have established credit with us, payment is Net 30 days. All others will be on a cash basis. Overdue accounts will incur a finance charge of 2% per month (24% per year). All discounts and special pricing are contingent upon payment terms. We reserve the right to rescind any and all discounts on delinquent accounts.

Past Due Accounts: All accounts that have reached a status of 60 days past due will be put on hold and all discounts will be forfeited.

Returned Checks: A returned-check fee will be charged for all returned checks. The buyer agrees that in the event of default by nonpayment of an overdue account, they shall be liable for collection charges including reasonable attorney fees. Action to enforce payment shall fall under the jurisdiction of Lancaster County, PA.

Refund Guarantee: We guarantee our plants to be of good quality and true to name. We will refund or replace (if available) any plant material that does not meet this quality standard. Availability is subject to change without notice.

Acknowledgements: Creek Hill Nursery acknowledges all orders. To avoid any additional costs, please review the acknowledgement for accuracy and communicate any changes to us prior to the ship date.