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Sent every Monday, our Availability List gives you weekly stocking status with tray counts, future availabilities, and estimated dates. Our Availability List is also the only place where we sell off-catalog products—material grown in low volumes for research purposes or for production trials. Please note that during peak selling season actual availability may differ from this report due to sales after publication. For the most current availability, please call or email us.

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Please note that Creek Hill sells only wholesale products to other businesses in the horticultural trade.

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Contract Growing

If you need a large quantity of a specific variety, or a different size than we have listed, Creek Hill does handle custom growing contracts. Although we maintain a stock of thousands of perennials, ornamental grasses, succulents and ornamental shrubs, there are always specialty cultivars people need to fulfill specific contracts or solve a unique site problem. A deposit of 25% is required on all custom growing contracts. Creek Hill Nursery ships material year-round, weather and temperature permitting.

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