Bee Support

As a part of our Sustainability goals, we provide strong support for the bees. We do not use Neonicotinoides on our products, we use beneficial insects in our pest management program, and we prefer softer chemicals–like suffocating oils–when we are forced to use them.

Perennials, like the Heleniums pictured above, are great nectar and pollen feeders for all sorts of beneficial insects, not just bees. Hummingbirds, butterflies and moths also need steady supplies of food from early spring (Aquilegias) through summer (Phlox paniculatas) to autumn (tall-type Sedums). Perennials provide abundant sources of food on the edges of seasons as well as in the middle.

If you are building a perennial bench focusing on pollinators, here is a list of genera organized by blooming season.

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