SEDUM: Tough & Fun Textures

Excellent for xeriscapes and soil control, Stonecrop Sedums offer a wide range of textures that grow well together in dry and poor soils.





dasyphyllum 'Major'

Mix two or three textures together. Stonecrops all take the same cultural requirements and grow at roughly the same pace.
BRU Alexanders Great 0007

'Vera Jameson'

Stonecrops don’t spread fast, but they do create a dense mat where they are.
HEU Champagne

'Dragon's Blood'

Many stonecrops have a summer color and different winter color.


Stonecrops fill in the nooks and gaps of hardscapes well. They handle the hot sun and dry conditions without much help.

'Green Spruce'

Simple textures grown in simple bowls make good decor pieces for both indoor and outdoor use.

album 'Athoum'

Long-stemmed varieties trail lightly over sides and edges.

'Harvest Moon'

Many stonecrops are well suited to cold and dry winters. They survive where other perennials desiccate.
LEU Luna
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