Color Changers

BPA Lunar Eclipse


‘Lunar Eclipse’ begins to flower just when most Baptisias are finishing up. The flowers emerge as a pure milky white that slowly darkens through lilac into a true pastel purple as the flowers age. Each day it produces new white flowers as the ones from the day before darken, making a single long flower spike able to show the full range of colors from white to purple. A single plant can produce dozens of these spikes all with the same fade from white to purple making for a truly jaw-dropping mass effect.


In full bloom Astilbe ‘Vision Inferno’ could be mistaken for any other top quality cultivar with its masses of bright pink cotton candy plumes held above dark green foliage. As the flower fades however, instead of the typical dingy browning, Inferno changes to a sour apple-green. Spreading from the base and eventually reaching the entire flower, this makes for a dramatic bi-color effect as it changes, and a unique all green focal point for the garden or arrangements once fully transformed. This also means no ugly brown spent flowers to dead head!
AST Visions Inferno
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