Peek into the future with the newest additions to the Creek Hill perennial program. Sneak Peek 2019, the annual winter launch of new cultivars at Creek Hill Nursery, was formally announced at the January MANTS trade show in Baltimore.

Available for shipping this spring, these crops can be ordered through your favorite broker, through the Creek Hill shopping cart, or directly through email or phone orders. Visitors to the booth were able to review actual growing product in 21 and 72 cells organized in a special pinwheel display. These perennials are available for shipping this spring. Here are a few highlights this season. The full list can be downloaded from the link below.

Buddleia 'Grand Cascade'

Visitors to our booth last year saw Buddleia ‘Wisteria Lane’, whose smaller size, trailing habit and abundant blooms became a sensation at MANTS. ‘Grand Cascade’ takes the same habit, but scales it up into a larger, more traditional Buddleia size.

Late Season Color

Two new perennial Chrysanthemums have been released – ‘Campfire Glow’ and ‘Raspberry Sorbet’. Both offer vibrant colors in the popular Shasta form along with a late blooming habit for fall gardens. They bloom naturally in September and October in our Pennsylvania Zone 6 gardens.

Coreopsis 'Super Star'

We never thought another “yellow-and-red” Coreopsis would get us excited, but ‘Super Star’ became our favorite choice at the Darwin Perennial Trials. Yeah – it’s that good. ’Super Star’ comes from their “grandiflora” efforts in Coreopsis breeding, and this one delivers – the biggest blooms we’ve seen to date. It is much bigger than the Coreopsis next to it, ‘Uptick Yellow and Bronze.’

Beautiful Sempervivums

We have two new and beautiful Sempervivum cultivars to offer – ‘Killer’ and ‘Mont Ventoux’. Our staff is divided over which one is the best. ‘Killer’ has very solid two-tone look built off of a deep ruby staining at the heart. ‘Mont Ventoux’ has sharp raspberry tips on a tight rosette. Side-by-side, they look very different, but they also look great next to each other. They are the start of several new cultivars coming into our innovative program.

More Good Stuff

Boy, is 'Rocking Red' really red! This is probably the brightest red we have grown to date. It grows nicely with heavy display of blooms.

‘Cheyenne Spirit’ and the Pow Wow series are good, solid seed mixes, but they miss out on an important color category: mixed yellow. Jelitto’s new breeding, ‘Mellow Yellows’, aims to fill that gap. We think it will become a natural partner to order with the other two.

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List of cultivars introduced in Sneak Peek 2018

    'Snow Angel'
    'Fantasy Jasmine'
    'Grand Cascade'
    'Campfire Glow'
    'Raspberry Sorbet'
    'Super Star'
    'Rockin' Red'
    'SuperTrouper Orange'
    'SuperTrouper Red and White'
    'Mellow Yellows'
    'Kismet Raspberry'
    'Kismet Yellow'
    'Walberton's Silver Fountain'
    'Bleeding Hearts'
    'Pink Revolution'
    'Purrsian Blue'
    'Cherry Brandy'
    'Little Miss Sunshine'
    'Mont Ventoux'
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