Discover our evolving biological program and how we strive to bring you safer products.

Creek Hill’s SAFER FOR BEES program covers all plugs now shipping. We focus our pest control on beneficial insects, horticultural oils, and biological pesticides.

SAFER FOR BEES means we also grow with screened houses, probiotic soils, and aggressive scouting. Creek Hill plugs do not ship with neonicotinoids, recently identified as possible culprits in the decline of honeybees.

Neonicotinoids are systemic chemicals that work their way into the plant tissues, including pollen. When bees harvest the pollen, they take the pesticide back home to the hive where it can cause damage.

SAFER FOR YOU also means that you, your staff, and your own efforts to save the bees are protected. We continue to work closely with biological suppliers and consultants to refine our sustainable production system even further.

Better & Safer Crops

Over the past two years, Creek Hill Nursery has dramatically decreased our dependence on chemical pest controls by implementing a comprehensive Biological Control program.

Pest Management

By choosing to use a combination of beneficial insects and fungi, vermacompost, probiotic soils, screened houses and natural pesticides non-toxic to humans, we are working with nature to combat pests.

Natural Controls

Greenhouse Magazine covered our Biologicals program in their October issue and they’ve posted the full article online. The writer, Kelli Rodda, does a nice job of capturing the rhythms of natural greenhouse control.

A Weekly Way of Life

We are working to replace pesticides with a better way. To accomplish this, we are using beneficial insects and biological fungicides to control disease and pests. Our use of compost tea has reduced the need for chemical fertilizers by 80%.

"We have proven that a major high-volume liner operation can switch and thrive under an ecologically-sensitive production system. Our quality has never been better."

- Ron Strasko, owner

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