Sneak Peek 2022

Peek into the future this winter with new varieties from Creek Hill Nursery, formally announced at the January MANTS trade show in Baltimore, Maryland. Available for shipping this spring, these crops can be ordered through your favorite broker, via the Creek Hill shopping cart, or directly by email or phone. Below are a few highlights from this year’s collection.

Dicentra ‘Ruby Gold’

Dicentra 'Ruby Gold'

A GOLDEN DICENTRA WITH A RED HEART: ‘Ruby Gold’ is a Bleeding Heart that is sought after for its foliage. Although we are fond of ‘Gold Heart’, we have to say we are impressed with the more golden nature of this variety. New leaves have the richest color, with golden stems to punch up the glow. Leaves mature to yellow-green before finally arriving at a brilliant lime. The plant is a sturdy and vigorous bright spot in shady areas.

Two Unusual Bronzes

Lysmachia 'Night Light'

LYSIMACHIA ‘NIGHT LIGHT’: This is a bronze version of the popular spiller for gardens, walkways, and containers. Yellow flowers are especially nice as bright highpoints. An important detail: the foliage turns dark in the shade which makes the silver veining pop.

Monarda 'Midnight Oil'

MONARDA ‘MIDNIGHT OIL’: Normally Monarda is not purchased for the foliage, but this one is. Striking bronze leaves sit up on the tops of the stems. It also flowers in a nice pale lavender color, freckled with tiny spots.

Rudbeckia triloba ‘Prairie Glow’

ECH Pretty Parasol

A BICOLOR RUDBECKIA LOADED WITH COLOR: ‘Glow’ is a good name for this cultivar, as the oranges are especially bright because of their strong yellow undercoat. The same plant will have flowers of various ages, so many colors will be visible at any given time: yellows, oranges, and reds with intensely dark buttons in the center. Triloba Rudbeckia is taller and thinner than what is normally found in the channel. Plants are bushy with blooms waving on wispy stems high above the foliage. It is a furious bloomer in the late summer and autumn seasons, after ‘Goldsturm’ and before the fulgidas.

Buddleia Chrysalis Series

Buddleia 'Chrysalis Purple'
Buddleia 'Chrysalis White'

COLORS AVAILABLE: Cranberry, Pink, Purple, and White. Buddleia has undergone a transformation over the past decade. Modern varieties grown for the channel are very different from the huge monsters that break dormancy late in the season. Chrysalis Buddleia was bred specifically to be short and wide, with high numbers of full-sized blooms spread over the plant. It’s the type of Buddleia to use in the front garden, by walkways and driveways, or in large urns or containers. Plants in the Chrysalis series stay small and compact in the garden, even after several years of growth.

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