Modern Brunnera

Semi-Silver or Silver
Medium or Large

ALL BRUNNERA BLOOM with a gentle spray of bright blue forget-me-knot flowers held high above the foliage in early spring. However, not all Brunneras perform the same in the garden.

TWO DECADES AGO, 'Jack Frost' established the commercial viability of Brunneras with its reliable variegation and a much longer season of appeal in the garden for its time. Until recently, 'Jack Frost' was the definition of a good Brunnera.

'Jack Frost'
TODAY, things are different. Four related cultivars now extend the Brunnera look into bigger sizes, warmer climates, and much heavier silver frostings. Their appearance is timely. As suburbs mature, more homes are built among the trees and gardeners look for Hosta alternatives in deer-ravaged areas.


· Very large leaf size · Semi & fully silver ·

'Alexander's Great'
Much bigger than 'Jack Frost' with a deeper green and more sheen to the silver veil across the leaf. Although the leaf size is similar to 'Jack Frost' in the first year, the plant gets much bigger as it matures.


· Medium size · Heat-resistance · Curled lobes ·

'Sea Heart'
'Silver Heart'
More comfortable with heat and humidity, these two varieties fare better in hot and humid summers found even in places like the Midwest and Atlantic regions. In the South they are more reliable spring garden elements. You can feel the difference in the thicker leaves of the plant.
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