Some of Our Favorites for 2020

We introduced over 50 new cultivars to our 2020 program, so we'd like like to point out just a few of our favorites. Diversity draws attention to perennial programs and increases sales, so we focus on either on new innovations or industry classics that deserve support. These plants can be ordered through your favorite broker or through the Creek Hill shopping cart. We also accept orders directly via email or phone orders.

Sedum ‘Atlantis’

Loaded with high amounts of creamy variegation, this unusual Korean Sedum is a low-growing stonecrop. ‘Atlantis’ grows out about 10 inches, forming a dense mat as it matures. In the fall, a slight pink blush appears in the crown of each rosette. It's a full sun Sedum, although it can handle some partial shade, and it is hardy down to Zone 4.

Two New Lychnis

LYC Petite Henry
LYC Petite Jenny

These two Lychnis have a very similar growth habit, with an airy cloud of tufted double blooms hanging like a mobile. ‘Petite Henry’ is the white version, and ‘Petite Jenny’ is the pink one. Importantly, these are dwarf versions of Lychnis, so the puffy blossoms are held on thin, wiry stems about a foot above the plant. Each cultivars has a long life in the vase. Flowers are sterile, so the plant generates blooms for a long time, from about May to October.

A Favorite Grass

CAL Karl Foerster

Grasses are part of the landscape vocabulary these days, so we added the popular grass ‘Karl Foerster’, a Calamagrostis with tightly bunched reeds that form large bristles as showpieces. The plant itself grows about three feet tall with a two-foot diameter, but the plumes can reach five feet. Grown for both autumn and winter interest, the plumes start off a red-bronze color, but they dry down to a buff tan. It won the PPA Plant of the Year award back in 2001.

Two Hellebores

HEL Pine Knot Select
HEL Swirling Skirts

We also want to highlight our growing Hellebore program. ‘Pine Knot Select’ is a strain of multi-colored singles, sold as a mix. This strain has a wide range of colors with different blush styles within the petals themselves. ‘Swirling Skirts’ is a double-white chosen for the face it turns up towards the viewer. If you look closely, you can see the eye is sprinkled with tiny raspberry freckles. It blooms later in the season, more towards April.

A Big Yellow Baptisia

BAP American Goldfinch

We are fond of yellow Baptisias—they are classic American natives, and the yellow forms are usually bright. ‘American Goldfinch’ is unique because it is so robust. This is a big, thick, dense stand of Baptisia, rising up from a central crown. The height is the usual three feet or so, but it spreads out to a diameter of five feet at its widest. 

A Pair of Pulmonarias

PUL Diana Clara

‘Diana Clare’ has the interesting spotted leaves found on all Pulmonarias, along with the added interest of deeply purple flowers. The plant has an interesting quirk: the leaves slowly become all silver as the season progresses.

PUL Shrimps on the Barbie

We are not sure why this Pulmonaria is called ‘Shrimps on the Barbie’. Unusual names seem to be the rage these days. Still, we think the dark pink flowers—and their abundance—make it gardenworthy. This cultivar spreads out about 24 inches, and it is especially good at holding up to heat and humidity.

You can view all of our new plants, along with sizes and availability, in our catalog.

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