• Green Wheel
  • Cobweb Buttons
  • Carmen
  • Jade Rose
  • Silver King
  • Red Rubin
  • Red Beauty
  • Purple Beauty
  • Kalinda
  • Oddity
  • 'Green Wheel' Bright sour apple-green that does not change. Small densely packed leaves make a mesmerizing geometric pattern.
  • 'Cobweb Buttons' Green, tightly held rosettes with a frosting of webbing stretched across the tips of every leaf.
  • 'Carmen' Broad green leaves are contrasted sharply by dark red tips.
  • 'Jade Rose' Red, green, or somewhere in between depending on time of year. No matter the color each leaf is tipped with a small white ball of webbing.
  • 'Silver King' A crown of green surrounds a red center created by leaves with a sharp division between red and green.
  • 'Red Rubin' Starting with highlights, it becomes bright as a red-hot poker when it fully turns. Competes with ‘Red Ruby’ for brightest red we sell.
  • 'Red Beauty' Slender pointy leaves start out as a grey-green with strong red tips. As season progress the red will bleed into the leaves becoming almost fully red with grey undertones.
  • 'Purple Beauty' Red suffuses through its broad leaves mixing with glaucous blue tones to create a hazy purple effect.
  • 'Kalinda' Can grow especially large with leaves of many diffuse colors. Often has tones of orange, a rarity in sempervivums.
  • 'Oddity' Our best-selling cultivar is odd, to say the least. It has tubular leaves with a tint of dark red highlighting its quilled tips.

IMG 4237



Thick tough leaves and a heavy taproot makes
them suitable for xeriscaping in the garden.

IMG 4235



Some hens have spade leaves.
Others are more like spears.

IMG 4238



Some hens hold their chicks tightly.
Others let their chicks roam.


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Can’t decide? Choose our ‘Hot Mix’ in 72-cell
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