Integrated Pest Management

Living-EcoHere at Creek Hill we have made a lifestyle change.

By choosing to use a combination of beneficial insects and fungi, vermacompost, probiotic soils, screened houses and natural pesticides non-toxic to humans, we are working with nature to combat pests. Maintaining this ecosystem inside our greenhouses allows our plants to grow from root to leaf in a healthy and safe environment.

All of our locations are currently making use of beneficial insects to combat pests. Because we have switched to compost teas over the past four years, we reduced our use of chemical fertilizers by 90%. As the rest of the biological program is rolled out we strive to create growing benches that produce safer products. Safer crops are not only good for bees but also for the people who handle them.

“We strive to send out quality plugs by focusing on the natural process of the plant. Our plants are healthy from the inside out because we work with nature as much as possible.”

- Joel DiBernardo Head Grower 

A Paradigm Shift: Living Ecosystems In Greenhouses

Integrating Scouting, Beneficial Insects, Compost Teas, And Probiotic Soils Into A High-Volume Production System