Bee Safety

BEE-Safe-LogoFOR 2015, Creek Hill introduces “Safer For Bees”, a program that covers all plugs now shipping.

We focus our pest control on beneficial insects, horticultural oils, and biological pesticides.


Means we also grow with screened houses, probiotic soils and aggressive scouting. Creek Hill plugs do not ship with neonicotinoids, recently identified as a possible culprit in the decline of honeybees.



Are systemic chemicals that work their way into the plant tissues, including pollen. When the bees harvest the pollen, they take the pesticide back home to the hive where it does its damage.


Also means that you, your staff and your own efforts to save the bees are protected. We continue to work closely with biological suppliers and consultants to refine our sustainable production system even further.

“We have proven that a major high-volume liner operation can switch and thrive under a ecologically-sensitive production system. Our quality has never been better.”

- Ron Strasko, owner of