Understanding Perennial Geraniums

The Best Seller

GeraniumsGeranium ‘Rozanne’
offers non-stop blooming

Above all, buy ‘Rozanne’. It is the best-selling Geranium for strong reasons: prolific blooms combined with a long blooming season. The plant doesn’t bloom itself out because the flowers are sterile. It’s the only Geranium that will set flowers for the full season.

The blooms are generally blue tinged with a light purple and a white eye. ‘Rozanne’ is also the largest Geranium we sell. The plant’s vigor means it will grow about 18 inches tall. It sprawls out with stems over 2 feet from the crown, filling in the nooks and crannies that it finds. The habit is neither loose nor dense, but in between the two. ‘Rozanne’ can provide weed surpression and still allow taller, more established plants to grow through it.

Durable Landscaping Geraniums

Geraniums2Macrorrhizums have thick roots that hold onto the soil

Blessed with thick tuberous roots, macrorrhizums handle dry conditions and hot summers better than other Geraniums. They do not need to be cut back after flowering, and their spreading habit make them ideal for large landscape plantings.

A good choice where soil coverage, protection or retention are issues, they form dense beds of highly-textured foliage that surpress weeds. The foliage is nearly evergreen until persistent snows appear. Macrorrhizums also have a sweet piney scent in their leaves, especially when rubbed or crushed.

Strong Winter Performance

Geraniums3Cantabrigiense Geraniums also have a soft, light scent.

Cantabrigiense Geraniums also spread through rhizomes, but slower than the macrorrhizums. Their habit is more rounded and mounded. Less sprawling allows more companion plants to intermingle among the open foliage.

The cantabrigiense geraniums are routinely praised by gardeners in MN, ME and Canada for their winter durability.

They carry a softer and lighter scent in their leaves than macrorrhizums.

Geraniums That Trail And Spill

Geraniums4Sanguineums have a rambling personality.

Sanguineum Geraniums don’t spread through runners, but their tops tend to ramble. They have a bushier mound that spreads with trailing stems.

The shorter sanguineums like ‘Max Frei’ are valuable edging or rock garden plants. Taller plants like the species sanguineum or ‘Tiny Monster’ make excellent specimen plants. They showcase the color in the spring, large lush leaves in summer, and brightly-colored foliage in the fall.

Speciality Geraniums

Geraniums5Plants with notable features

‘Espresso’ has white flowers, but is bought for its distinctive foliage. This dark chocolate, deeply serrated Geranium will go summer dormant.

‘Tiny Monster’ is not tiny by any stretch. It is the tallest Geranium we sell, rivaling ‘Rozanne’ in its size.

For the shortest Geranium we sell, ‘Crystal Rose’ and ‘Biokovo’ grow to about a foot tall with the flower stalks.