An Extensive Echinacea Collection

ECH Big Sky Harvest Moon 0001 72d75bcca17115a48ce161c5cefa5e44Commonly known as coneflowers, echinaceas are sun-loving, native garden plants  that originated in the prairie. Several cultIvars exist, but the dominate one is purpurea. Breeders have improved the cultivar by cross-breeding purpurea with other species to gain desirable traits of color, form, height and habit. As a result, the best-selling coneflowers are hybrids that gather together together several specific traits into a single plant.

Echinaceas have become a top draw for most growers, and the category has seen breeder activity and steady improvements for nearly two decades. Creek HIll specializes in having one of the largest selection of Echinacea cultivars, as well as the newest releases from the category's top breeders, domestic and worldwide. 

If you have an established Echinacea program, consider adding the hot-selling pom-pom styles. If you are started a new program, make sure you have a good mix of both the classic best-sellers and the popular new varieties.

Below we have organized our (25) different cultivars into their relevant categories. Click Here to View our Echinacea Collection in our Online Catalog.

NEW TO THE MARKET: Recently Released

Recent breeder activity has been focused on bringing out bigger and brighter reds, and expanding the diversity of the pom-pom style of bloom.

  • Burgundy Fireworks (spiky blooms, 18-inches)
  • Guava Ice (large red pom-poms, 24-inches)
  • Southern Belle (large pink pom-poms, 36-inches)
  • Raspberry Truffle (raspberry red pom-poms, 24-inches)
  • Big Sky Solar Flare (dark black stems with contrasting bright red-orange blooms, 30-inches)


Clear colors with big blooms on strong stems make good choices for the cut flower garden. These cultivars stand about three feet high.

  • Sundown (Orange)
  • Sunrise (Cream)
  • Harvest Moon (Yellow)
  • Summer Sky (Peach with Rose Halo)
  • Twilight (Rose Red)
  • After Midnight (Purple)


Large blooms with distinctive cones, or lots of small blooms with a button-style cone. These cultivars have seen rising sales year-over-years.

  • Hot Papaya (Large Orange)
  • Pink Double Delight (Small Pink)
  • Meringue (Small White)

NATURALIZERS: Feeding Stations for Butterflies and Birds

The blooms feed butterflies in the summer, and their oil-rich seeds keep the birds fed in the winter. These natives have very low water requirements and prefer a poor soil.

  • Magnus (very large bloom)
  • White Swan (tall white)
  • Happy Star (short white)

POWER BLOOMERS: Floribunda-Style Echinaceas

Very, very high bloom count (20 in a pot / 100+ mature). opens earlier in the retail season. Blooms last longer.

  • Burgundy Fireworks (short with spiky blooms)
  • Pica Bella (tall with spiky blooms)
  • Pow Wow White (short with white blooms)
  • Pow Wow Wild Berry (short with pink blooms)

FOR THE BORDER: The Short Guys

For the border garden or mixed among short shrubs in landscapes.

  • Kim's Knee High (big flowers)
  • Prairie Splendor (early blooms)
  • Pink Double Delight (doubles)
  • Pow Wow White (compact with white blooms)
  • Pow Wow Wild Berry (compact with pink blooms)
  • Avalanche (mum-like bloom)
  • Burgundy Fireworks (spiky blooms)


Echincaeas can bloom early in the pot, especially in gallon sizes. Be ruthless. Cut off the bloom and send its energy into the roots and crown. In a month, you will have more blooms and a stronger, more valuable plant.