Three Pennisetums

The most exciting new Fountain Grasses to come along, the Celebration Series are available in variegated red (‘Fireworks’), variegated pink (‘Cherry Sparkler’) and variegated green (‘Sky Rocket’).

Their vase shape and compact height of two to three feet make them ideal as centerpoints in containers or border gardens. They thrive in full sun.

Two Hakonechloas

Japanese Forest Grasses have an overlapping and draping habit that ripples like ocean waves when the wind blows through the leaves.

An ornamental grass that brightens shade gardens, two versions are available: variegated green and yellow (‘Aureola’), and golden (‘All Gold’).

One Carex

Although we place Carex in our Shade program, it also does well in many full sun situations.

‘Ice Dance’ has a thin edge of variegated cream. The leaves are thicker and stiffer than the usual grass leaves.

‘Ice Dance’ is short, growing about 12 inches. Look for ‘Ice Ballet’ as well, a sport that has a brighter, wider variegation.

6 Key Grasses

  • 6KEYgrass
  • 6KEYgrass2
  • 6KEYgrass3
  • 6KEYgrass5
  • 6KEYgrass4
  • 6KEYgrass6
  • 'Fireworks'
  • ‘Sky Rocket’
  • ‘Cherry Sparkler’
  • 'Aureola'
  • ‘All Gold’
  • ‘Ice Ballet’