LAV Munstead 0001LAVENDER... now that makes scents... aromatherapy that is.

We offer Lavender 'Provence', 'Hidcote', 'Grosso', and 'Munstead' in cell counts of 72's and 21's.

Lavender angustifolia is one of those "back then" herbs found around the old English homestead. The flowers dress salads and make a pleasant garnish. The leaves, well you can smell this one out.

With lavender leaves, you can make oils, potpourri, or soap. They even season up food. The flowers hold nicely in a vase, brightening up a bedroom and welcoming guests. They dry and press well.

We have two selections of this angustifolia: Lavender 'Munstead' is a good old English lavender. Early blooming and fragrant, with lots of blooms. 'Hidcote' is another selection out of the angustifolias, and perhaps the most popular.


Chocolate Perennials

GER Espresso 0001Oh yum!

Just the word makes my mouth water. Chocolate affects so much of what we eat and drink. Beer, ice cream, candy, hot chocolate, COFFEE...

Chocolate is also the flower and foliage that we desire in the garden, because dark foliage shows off even the lightest colors.

And we have lots of dark foliage for you: Geranium 'Espresso', Heuchera 'Mocha', Heuchera 'Dark Chocolate', Ajuga 'Black Scallop', Aster 'Lady in Black', Leptinella 'Platt's Black', and Sedum 'Purple Emperor'. You will find bold to fernlike textures. Dark foliage is used in mixed containers and in perennial borders to highlight the timid, lighter colors around them. They are best used in groups rather than single plants.



whoWe are planting up plenty of 21 size cell flats to meet your late Winter, and early Spring blast off!

We have a steady inventory of all sizes: 21's, 72's, and 50's. Much of our inventory is in vernalization mode, which simply means they're being "hardened off".

"I'll turn the fans on and place your plants in a chill, until you want them tomorrow."

To vernalize, is to fulfill a cold requirement in order for the plant to flower. The early and late Spring bloomers usually require a four to six week period of 41°F. Summer and Fall bloomers do not need a cold period. They are like me, wanting sun periods to be greater than dark periods.