Hydrangea 'Snow Queen'

HYD Snow Queen 0001Oak leaf Hydrangea makes a bold statement in the garden.

Majestically rising to over 5 feet, she thrusts her pure white panicle 8 to 12 inch sceptors.

These white blooms last long in the garden. The blooms start in June, and are a favorite for drying and even saving for that Christmas tree decor in December. Her sceptors extend over a robe of deep green foliage. This foliage turns red in the fall and early winter, casting a red carpet over its brown stems.

I personally have a three year old plant in my garden. I prune it to a pleasant shape and cut away some of the lower drooping branches. I do this to expose the bark which is brown to red, and quite pleasing to look at. Plus, I have grand children that fit nicely under the plant's canopy to explore the other perennial treasures planted around her.

We offered a vernalized 21 size this spring. And right now, we have a fabulous availability of 50 and 21 sizes. You will get a rooted and pinched cell, that will root out well for sale in a 3 gallon in about 6 weeks, depending on climate conditions.