Hibiscus 'Cristi'

HIB Cristi 0001For three years now,

we have been dazzled at Creek Hill Nursery by a knock out of a Hibiscus named 'Cristi'.

Bred by Hugh and Ruth Cocker in Minnesota, and introduced by Bailey Nursery, 'Cristi' has a lot of great heritage.

She is a consistent performer, and grows about three feet high and wide. Her black buds unfold to a nine inch, deep red saucer. Bloom time starts in June and lasts well into fall. We have it next to Amsonia hubrichtii in the garden, and 'Cristi' was still blooming when Amsonia turned golden.

You will want to plant in full sun, and well drained soil. Hibiscus does well in a lot if different soils, so don't be timid about planting. Also, she's from Minnesota, and does well in Pennsylvania- so you know she will do well for you.