Baptisia 'Twilight Prairieblues'

bap twilight_prairiebluesLet's get back to our agricultural roots!

In the 18th century, Baptisia or False Indigo was one of the first United States exported crops. Baptisia australis continues to be a steller performer in the United States, and was marked by the Perennial Plant Association as the Perennial Plant of the Year in 2010. Baptisia is suitable for a large range of locations, planting environments, as well as its low maintenance requirements, and multi-seasonal beauty.

Baptisia 'Twilite Prairieblues' is a cross between B. australis and B. sphaerocarpa. 'Twilite Prairieblues' is one of the recent introductions from the Chicagoland Grows program from the Chicago Botanic Gardens: "An innovative plant introduction program developed to promote the use of new plant cultivars that are well adapted to the growing conditions of the Upper Midwest. While regional in focus, the program's plants can be grown successfully in all zone appropriate regions of North America, Europe, and the world."

Baptisia 'Twilite Prairieblues' is a bicolor, pea like violet to purple flower with a yellow keel (the bottom petal). It grows 40" high on sturdy stems in Zones 4-8, and blooms from May to June. The flowers make excellent cut flowers. The plants are a great blend to the mid or end area of a perennial garden. Baptisia can be found in gravelly areas near streams, to woods edges, and even the prairies.

Baptisia 'Solar Flare Prairieblues' is another of the Prairieblues series that we offer. 'Solar Flare' is 30-36" tall, with yellow to gold blooms that age to an orange with violet blush, and can be grown in Zones 3-9.

Baptisias grow well in full sun and well drained soil. It's one of the most long lived perennials. The seed pods turn from green to bluish black, held high on top of the trifoliate green leaves.

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