Carex pensylvanica

Carex-02Pennsylvania Sedge 

Carex pensylvanica is a native sedge that is found from Georgia to Canada, and Maine to the Dakotas.

Native to the open woods, this plant is an excellent choice for understory plantings, mulch substitutes, and shade gardens. With graceful foliage and tight clumps, it makes a great display as it interplays with the wind. Choose well-drained areas. Think about what an open forest provides- filtered light, good drainage, and air flow. Be careful not to crowd with low limbs or dense brush.

Carex-03Early spring is the time to cut the foliage back close to the ground in the garden. Plant out in the fall or spring. It likes cool roots, so avoid hot, full sun. It does manage well in times of drought, so dry shade is good. It would do well planted with Epimedium.

It spreads 3-8 inches a year with underground rhizomes. It isn't invasive, but manageable in the landscape. The birds actually love to scuttle in the foliage- a nice benefit! A one gallon pot looks good with some shearing to encourage bulking.

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