Delosperma Trends

Trends-ROB6Ice Plant Has Big Bright Flowers Over Thick Leaves

Delospermas are mat-forming succulents that grow close to the ground with slab-like leaves. It covers the soil, but should not be used under foot traffic.

The plants handle stress like salt and drought well, and they can grow in sandy or gravelly soils. However, you should avoid wet soils or unamended clay.

An entire Delosperma lawn will burst into great quantities of brightly colored flowers when established, lasting the summer and into early autumn. The flowers will open during the day and close at night.

The common name Ice Plant comes from the transparent flakes that appear on the silvery blue-green leaves.


Cooperi is the clear favorite for Delosperma sales - its vivid pink daisy-like flowers seem to glow in the daylight. It is the brightest flower of all the cultivars we offer.

‘Gold Nugget’ has strong sales as well because of bright solid yellow blooms.


Dyeri is our Rising Star in this category. It has posted very strong sales over the past two years. It has a strong orange flower with some coral mixed in at the petal base.


  • Cooperi has no white eye. The rest do:
  • Golden yellow = ‘Golden Nugget’
  • Pink/white bicolor = ‘Beaufort West’
  • Magenta with thin, delicate petals = cooperi
  • Magenta with wider petals = ashtonii
  • Orange to coral = dyeri
  • Magenta purple = ‘Tiffindell Magenta’