Heleniums Trends

Trends-ROB5Dance Through A Garden Of Color

Reception for these new dwarf Heleniums have been strong in the first year. Fuego is the leading color in the series. It keeps a nice mound of autumn-appropriate colors at the right time: light oranges with two yellow rings surrounding the flower. Nothing else quite looks like it for fall sales.

The Helenium Mariachi™ Series was bred by Arie Blom, of AB-Cultivars in the Netherlands. These plants are charactierized by their mildew resistance, upright habit that resists flopping, and brilliant colors.

Mariachi™ selections are compact and bushy, blooming in late summer or fall. Large cones emerge yellow but age to brown or red, except for ‘Sombrero’ which maintains its golden hue. Petals tend to have ruffled edges.


  • Orange with yellow halo = ‘Fuego’
  • Red with a touch of orange = ‘Salsa’
  • Bright red with golden eye = ‘Siesta’
  • True all-over yellow = ‘Sombrero’


Heleniums are hardy, easy-to-grow plants that can tolerate difficult conditions. The summer-to-fall blooms are perfect for mixed borders. Divide in spring for better growth.

Helenium autumnale is native to wet meadows, thickets, swamps, and river borders of North America. It is the most widely distributed of the native species. In the wild it grows as smaller single flowers.

The dried leaves were formerly used as snuff to induce sneezing and rid the body of evil spirits, hence the common name sneezeweed.