Baptisia Trends

Trends-ROB3Spikes Of Pea-Like Flowers Tower Towards The Sun

These amazing US natives are easy to grow just about anywhere. Their drought tolerance and vibrant color make Baptisia the perfect addition to any xeriscape. However, they will also thrive under moist conditions and work well in any perennial garden or border.


This year australis overtook ‘Purple Smoke’ for the top spot in Baptisias. The spires of indigo-blue flowers and attractive late season seed pods make this a must have.

‘Purple Smoke’ offers sharp contrast to australis. Deep gray-green stems produce pale lilac flowers and bright green leaves.

‘Carolina Moonlight’ is a close third. This long-lived variety features soft yellow flowers above blue-green clumping foliage.


Baptisia offer a wide variety of colors and hues between yellows and blues. Add more sales by adding diversity:

  • Pale yellow = ‘Carolina Moonlight’
  • Golden Yellow with Orange = ‘Solar Flare’
  • Cascade of cream to purple = ‘Lunar Eclipse’
  • Purple with yellow eye = ‘Twilite’
  • Deep purple = ‘Royal Purple’
  • Indigo blue = austrailis


Baptisia are vigorous growers, reaching up to 5 feet tall and just as wide. They grow slowly, however, and can be cut back after flowering to reduce late-season flopping. Plant en masse for incredible performance all season.