Acanthus Trends

Trends-ROBSales Jumped, So We Added An Innovative New Plant

Acanthus are purchased as much for their architectural leaves as for their dramatic flower stalks. These are big plants, blooming up to three feet in height with a spread to match. Overall sales have jumped the past couple of years, so we have added a very interesting new cultivar to our line.


Mollis is the classic Acanthus that defined the leaves found on Corinthian columns. The flower stalk is filled with purple-hooded white flowers that extend out like street lamps. Sadly, it is not reliably hardy in zone 6.


'Whitewater' signature feature is the dramatic variegation of the leaves, which vary from large patches of cream to small freckled dots. It has a clear white brush with traces of pink on the ends of the bloom.


The hardiest Acanthus we sell is spinosus, which is known for its very deeply serrated leaves.