Foxglove Overview


The Creek Hill Foxglove selection features a broad range of colors and traits among digitalis cultivars.

Our current selection covers:

  • Upward-facing trumpets with the Candy Mountain series
  • First-year bloomers with the Dalmation series 
  • Bigger flower spikes with the Polka Dot series 
  • Naturalizing foxgloves like mertonensis and ‘Foxy’

Foxgloves are very dramatic plants that bring strong personality to a garden. Since few people grow them, a patch of foxglove sets itself apart from other gardens in the neighborhood. Foxgloves are not too tall, but they’re not squat on the ground, either. The blooms are mid-sized, so they are easily visible from the house without becoming difficult to manage.

They also evoke a cottage garden look. Serious gardeners in Europe—especially in Britain—would not be caught dead without foxgloves because they are so eye-catching. Foxglove, it can be said, is a quintessentially British garden plant.

  • CM
    ‘Candy Mountain’
  • CM Peach
    ‘Candy Mountain Peach’
  • CM White
    ‘Candy Mountain White’
  • DM Mix
    ‘Dalmation Mix’
  • DM Purple
    ‘Dalmation Purple’
  • DM White
    ‘Dalmation White’
  • Foxy
  • mertonensis
  • PD Pippa
    ‘Polka Dot Pippa’
  • PD Princess
    ‘Polka Dot Princess’