Pennisetum Sky Rocket

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'SKY ROCKET' was the second addition to the Celebration Grass. 'Sky Rocket' is a variegated fountain grass that stays green in the sun - no red at all, not even in the tassels. It grows to the same height and form as Fireworks, so the two can be mixed together to showcase the varigation even further in container designs. The plant will bloom from mid-summer all the way through mid-fall since it is sterile.

It has excellent tolerant to drought conditions and can be used as part of xeriscapes to add height and drama to the landscape. It is a mid-sized fountain grass - not as big or tall as the standard fountain grass, but it is not a dwarf either. Combine it with autumn pansies or fall mums to make an especially interesting combo pot.

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Sky Rocket Container

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White Tassels

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Strong Greens & Whites
Running Vertically