The Celebration Grass Series

Three different pennisetums complete the CELEBRATION SERIES of Fountain Grasses - a red, a white and a pink. All three grasses are sister cultivars to each other, with similar habits and production requirements. As container plants, the Celebration Grasses make beautiful accents, serve as an alternative to Phormium for strong vertical elements or interplanted with each other for an especially interesting display.

All three plants have the classic vase-like shape, graceful arching tips and strong growing performance in hot weather. They have the added benefit of sterile plumes, making them environmentally responsible grasses as well. Both Fireworks and Sky Rocket grow to about three feet in height. Cherry Sparkler finishes a little shorter, about 2-1/2 feet.

fw sub3

is the first Celebration Grass to be released, 'Fireworks' has deep strong reds in the leaves that become more vibrant as the heat and sun are poured onto it.

sr sub3

is the second addition to the Celebration Grass, 'Sky Rocket' is a variegated fountain grass that stays green in the sun.

cs sub3

is the newest addition to the Celebration Series is ‘Cherry Sparkler,’ a fountain grass with pink blushes of color along the margins of the leaves.