Pennisetum Fireworks

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'FIREWORKS' was the first Celebration Grass to be released. It has been just seven years since we discovered Pennisetum 'Fireworks' here at Creek Hill. But in that short time, this outstanding grass has made a remarkable name for itself in America and around the world.

'Fireworks' wins fans with unique, spectacular color. The graceful arching foliage is an eye-cather even before it flowers, with its strong vertical reds that grow bolder as the heat and sun strengthens in summer. It is an ideal plant for summer containers and display gardens.

The plant has been well received around the world, receiving awards like:

  • "Best New Variety" in 2008 by the University of Colorado Trials
  • "Les Exceptionallese" in 2009 by the Daniel A. Seguin Gardens in Quebec, Canada.
  • A silver medal at the FLORALL Award in 2008 at the Flanders Expo in Belgium.
  • 'Fireworks' was also featured in an edition of 'La Semaine Verte' on Radio Canada.
At the University of Georgia trials, Alan Armatage featured the plants on his television show, calling it 'the pick of the litter.' Visitors to the UGA Trial Gardens were asked to mark their favorite plants. Among thousands of choices, Allan relates, "we probably had more flags for 'Fireworks' than any other plant in the garden. And that is saying a ton."

Besides thriving in Georgia's steamy heat, 'Fireworks' also performs beautifully in the arid West. The University of Colorado noted that it shrugged off heat waves of 90°+ temperatures in July and August with very little irrigation.

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Fireworks Container

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Burgundy Tassels

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Deep Rich Red Pigments with Vertical Stripes of Green