Pennisetum Cherry Sparkler

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'CHERRY SPARKLER' is the newest addition to the Celebration Series. A fountain grass with pink blushes of color along the margins of the leaves. Even in strong sun, the grass does not turn fully red- it just tinges a little more pink. The tassels do bloom in red, then fade to the familiary tawny brown. 'Cherry Sparkler' is also shorter than its sister cultivars, making it an ideal choice if you need a variegated fountain grass in a smaller package.

We've seen 'Cherry Sparkler' mixed in with bi-color soft-pink petunias that trailed over the side. It's shorter nature makes it a good choice for many mid-sized containers that would be overwhelmed by much bigger rubrums. The pinks stay soft and light, even in the brightest southern sun, and the plumes come out with a strong burgundy.

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Cherry Sparkler Container

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Red Tassels

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Greens & White Stripes With
Margins Tinged With Pink